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The Hay Hut

Sterling Equestrian Center is a certified Hay Hut Dealer. Hay Huts provide all-weather enclosed protection for hay allowing you to save money, time, and hay. 

  • Saves Hay - Saves $$$

  • Saves Labor - Saves $$$

  • Very safe horse feeder

  • All-weather enclosed protection

  • Robust polyethylene

  • Stops feeder bickering

  • Makes for happy horses

  • Reduces pasture cleaning

  • Fits the biggest round rolls

  • Fits 16 regular hay bales

  • Big 34"x14" windows

  • Lifting loop for moving

  • Forest Green

  • Simple assembly

  • No tractor needed

  • 1 year warranty

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Dimensions: 84" x 72" x 86"   Weight: 230lbs


"A must-have for every horse ranch"- University of Maryland

"Will pay for itself in 4 months"- University of Minnesota

"Purchased 60 Hay Huts"- University of Kentucky

"Proves the simplest designs are usually the best. Our horses thank you!- Houston Police

"Hay Huts save and preserve the hay. They keep the hay weather protected and are horse friendly."- Chris Cox

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Affordably priced at $849

Additional net kit for $189

Contact us at:

(770) 843-0032 or stephenson118@gmail.com for more information.